Why Students Must Enroll in Accountancy?

Highly analytical and requires excellence in Mathematics, that is how most students describe the field of Accountancy. The numerical aptitude that the public associates with Accountancy is actually the reason why majority of students fear this area of learning. This is because most of the young children nowadays find it hard to understand complex mathematical postulates. To address this, the Singaporean government implements strict instruction and training of students regarding numerical lessons. Singaporean teachers also encourage their students to enroll in finance and accounting course in singapore in order for them to enjoy the advantages associated with this degree. To provide further details on this, below are six topics that will help educators encourage students to enroll in Accountancy subjects.

Opportunities for professional qualifications. The journey of an accounting student doesn’t end with university graduation. While other professionals report dormant careers, accountancy graduates won’t experience this owing to the fact that a number of local and international professional qualifications organizations offer membership along with opportunities for career growth.

Long-term career prospects. When an accountant has already gathered at least 2 years of relevant experience and training, he or she can consider options for international accreditation exams. Certification for Chartered Certified Accountant or ACCA is one of these and several acca singapore school will help examinees from reviewing. Obtaining certification will help accountant enjoy more stable and wider career options.

Quality of training and development. Employers provide accountants with local and international trainings several times a year in order to ensure that the accountant is informed of the latest auditing technologies and taxation amendments. While the purpose of these trips is work, accountants are given enough time by their bosses to relax and tour around the venue. Consequently, accountants will always have the chance to roam around the globe for free and with pay.

Availability of jobs. As long as there are companies, accountants will never have to worry of job availability. In fact, reports show that the field of Accountancy today experiences shortage of manpower supply which means that a lot of jobs are available but only few graduates can be tapped for employment.

High starting salary. The starting salary of fresh graduate accountants is almost comparable to the salary of supervisorial scientific degrees. Such an event happens because most accounting and finance firms offer big starting salary to qualified accounting graduates in order to attract and retain these employees.

Work-life balance. Accountants rarely work beyond their 8-hour schedule. Exception of this habit only happens during the start and end of financial years when accountants have to work two to three more hours from their usual schedule in order to provide a detailed report of the company’s cash flow.

Application of Accountancy works is all around us. Because of this, the negative perception associated with this degree must be completely abolished. This could be done by informing the students of the six benefits of an Accountancy career that were discussed in this article.