Why Scissor Lift Rental is More Cost Efficient Than Buying One?

Aerial work platforms are one of the most useful machines used in the construction industry today. In this day and age of skyscrapers and multistoried facilities, aerial work platforms are a godsend as they allow workers to reach heights safely, bring their materials with them, and have a general clearer view of their work area.

There are two main kinds of aerial work platforms. They are the boom lifts and scissor lifts. Boom lifts are also called cherry pickers. This is because they were originally invented to be used in cherry orchards to be able to allow workers to harvest the fruit easily. They were also eventually used in apple orchards for the exact same reason.

The other kind is known as the scissor lift. The difference of a scissor lift compared to other kinds is in its structure: they can only move vertically. This is done through the system of folding supports that form a criss-cross pattern, like a scissor.  They are used in factories, warehouses and in construction jobsites.They can usually be operated by a single person by means of a hydraulic lever that controls the height of the lift. Scissor lifts also have the prime advantage of having a wide work platform. Most scissor lifts have a big load capacity, to easily transport items. Other aerial platforms, like cherry pickers for example, do not offer this advantage.

While lifts are commonly used in the construction industry, they also have uses in other industries such as housekeeping, professional painting and even the film industry. However, owning these type of equipment can get expensive. This is why there are many companies that offer scissor lift rental and boom lift rental to help defray costs of these companies. Renting is a better option than buying. This type of specialized equipment can get very expensive, and for those who are only looking to do quick jobs, this may not be an ideal investment either.

In Singapore, there are many scissor lift rental shops that allow you usage of this convenient machine without the commitment and investment of having to buy one, though you can get one if you feel like the need is imperative. Scissor lifts rental shops will usually recommend the best machine for you to use so that you get better use out of your rental, as well as to avoid any untoward accidents. Best of all, you won’t be responsible for long term upkeep and maintenance of these machines–which is a lot less load off your shoulders compared to buying an entire machine for just one project.