Why Physical Exhibits Still Matter

Exhibition Design SingaporeThe only way to go is to go digital. Or at least online.

Today public visibility, advertising, marketing, campaigning and a host of other multi-media information-education drives seem to very close to doing abandoning traditional media channels if they have not done so already in lieu of online digital platforms. Despite many research still suggesting the continuing relevance of traditional media like print, radio and television due to their established credibility, these researches hardly seem to matter.

And why not, it is not only a matter of being effective but an issue of being expensive. Yes, advertising, marketing and generally utilizing traditional media today is significantly more costly than doing social media visibility campaigns not to mention the fact that the internet provides a host of additional advantages such as flexibility and instant feedback/monitoring.

But this is not to say companies have gone only the digital way. Instead many offices still realize that there are better alternatives to supplement on-line marketing by focusing resources on more efficient strategies than traditional product placements or airtime exposures. One such alternative venue is trade fair exhibitions. Today, there are more than a thousand events managing and exhibit design companies that specializes in public relations and other public communication affairs, In Singapore most exhibition design firms offer consultancy and actual services for holding various corporate, institutional and sports events including trade fairs other productions. They service clients from food, culture, textiles, apparel, even electronics and transportation industry. Most of these exhibition companies also manage venues like convention halls, exhibition centers, concert auditoriums and multi-purpose facilities in some of the most ideal locations in the City-state.

Despite the compelling trend towards online and digital marketing, physical events like trade shows or exhibits still remain a potent strategy for drawing public interest and attention into a brand or product. Exhibitions are open to a large and sometimes diverse range of audiences which provides a venue to promote product or services to a broader group that may have little or no knowledge of your products and services. Trade exhibits also offer opportunities for market testing and create actual and immediate feedback about a product or offering. Trade exhibit designers and organizers in Singapore also provide opportunities for business-to-business trading or help keep track of people who register or visit a booth and eventually develop a database of potential clients.

But more importantly, despite its open and public nature, trade exhibits target a specific demographic and therefore offer opportunities to engage people who are very likely to purchase a product or contract a service. People who attend trade exhibits are actually those with genuine interest in the field, technology or issue and are therefore be most likely to appreciate the informative contents of trade exhibits. Most exhibit design companies in Singapore therefore focuses content that is directed to a very small consumer niche.

There are drawbacks of course. Trade shows require significant preparation time even when the dirty work is outsourced to an exhibit design firm. For consumers, going to trade shows may be costly and inconvenient and therefore reduces the number of potential clients for companies. In addition to reaching a limited target market, trade shows usually involve competitions since competing brands or companies both usually participate in such events. Exhibit design firms therefore make sure that their client’s exhibit can be appealing and engaging and can stand out among the many competitors around.