What We Need to Know About Funerals

funeral parlorDeath, coffins, funerals, caskets—are not exactly the topics you usually talk about with friends and families, simply because they are associated with grief and sad experiences. And who wants such a downer for a conversation?

But knowledge about these things can actually be a way for you to look at life in a different perspective. “We all want everyone whom we love to be with us for as long as we live. Saying goodbye to our loved ones is never easy. But that is the cycle of life. We are mortals. And death is something that we all need to face at some point. And we will get through it; with prayers, with faith, and with acceptance,” shared Mark, whose family used to have a funeral parlor with the affordable funeral package in Singapore.

First off, we need to differentiate a funeral from a memorial. “Funerals are generally held with the presence of the deceased at the funeral home or religious center where the service is held. After the service, these remains are often buried at a determined gravesite. Funerals also have grown to incorporate cremated remains that are generally presented in an urn, which are then buried, scattered or placed in an above ground columbarium located at a cemetery. Memorial services may sometimes have cremated remains of the deceased present, but typically are reserved for instances where the individual has passed and their remains were not available. For example, the lives of individuals who died overseas while missing or in combat may often be remembered without the presence of the deceased at the service,” as an anonymous writer of the article Understanding the Difference between Funeral and Memorial Services  for foxandweeks.com shared.

John, who is usually the person who takes care of funeral arrangement including finding casket package in Singapore, whenever a family or relative departs, has this to share, “For as long as I can remember, my extended family always depend on me when funerals have to be arranged. It started when my grandfather passed away and everyone was shocked that no one can get themselves together to arrange everything. Since I am always good at organization, I had to forget for a while that it is my grandfather’s funeral and just act logically for once. I know some funeral parlors in our area—and all of them are very accommodating. I just had to pick the one that can be paid with our limited budget but at the same time I had to make sure it will be respectful of my grandpa’s legacy. From the casket, venue, transport car, flower arrangement to the eulogy program, I made sure everything is in order.”

In the article The Basics of How to Organize a Funeral for the site obituarieshelp.org, “When someone dies our world is thrown into turmoil. The avalanche of anxiety has a hundred different questions about what to do and how running around our heads at once. Most people think more of what they don’t like about funerals than what they would enjoy about one, and how to organize it. Those who are religiously affiliated have their traditions to fall back on. Tried and tested rituals have served them and their families for years. If you’re not religious, you might be interested in a more individual approach to funerals. The options are endless, but here are some guidelines which can serve as a basic road map for organising, or helping to organise a funeral.”