What to Expect in a Singaporean Minibus Charter

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Compared to other countries, Singapore is known to have the best amenities in Asia. This does not only include hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions but for its transportation services. Different charter services are now available in Singapore for more luxurious travel experience. To provide customers and tourists a more exciting and cool transportation benefits, many companies have made enormous efforts to improve their minibus charter services. No idea on how a charter service works? Here is a preview.

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Most of the tourist and even residents enjoy many outdoor activities and thrilling adventures. Some have discovered the convenience of renting a minibus for a more relaxed experience in traveling. Many minibus companies in Singapore offer quality and premium charter services. There are also many kinds of buses roaming around the country. Whether public or rented vehicles, you will notice one commonality among all, grandeur. Among interesting and exciting charter offers includes:

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 Different Seating Capacity Minibuses

You can expect a number of choices ranging from six to 13-seater minibuses from different bus companies. For small groups, there are available minibuses that can contain six to eight people. This type of minibus is the smallest type and is more convenient for group outings. With groups comprising of ten to 13 people, much larger minibuses are always available.

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Types of Minibuses to Expect

Limousine, mini coach buses, standard and premium buses are among the different types of minibus that are involved in the charter business. You have the option to choose for the most expensive service or the most affordable one depending on your budget. Some companies also offer promos in which you can easily avail for much cheaper rates. Whatever type you choose, it will surely bring convenience in your tour.


Exclusive and Best Transfer Deals and Packages

Bus charters are not only for tours and for travel purposes. It can also be availed for different occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and others. To decide on what package or deal to choose, types of transfers are to be determined. These types of transfers include airport transfers, personal or business transfers, field trips and excursion for schools and other groups, and other event transfers for companies.


Bookings and Transfer Rates

Most of the bus services offered in the market are on a booking basis. This means that in order to avail of the service, a booking is required. It can be done online or in bus company offices. Different rates for different transfer services should be expected when booking a minibus. You may pay your booking through online banking or personal payment with the service provider.

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Driver and Tour Options

For some companies, customers get choose their own tour driver and destination route. People always want a trustworthy driver with whom they can trust their things whenever they need to leave the vehicle for picture takings and route stopovers. Sometimes, itineraries are also made by the customers when they want to personalize their tour instead of taking the company’s ready-made route for travel destinations.


These are among the things that you can expect when you decide to rent a minibus in Singapore. Make sure to check out different bus charter Singapore and spend enough time choosing the package that best suits your travel needs. A more hands-on planning is better in order for you to make the most out of your travel in every single destination you wish to see.