What to Consider when Buying or Renting a Terraced House in Singapore

Owning or renting property is not a decision one makes overnight. There are several factors one must consider first before looking into different kinds of property. You can either opt for a landed house or a condominium. Some would prefer looking into apartment buildings. And others would prefer the not-so-typical terraced house. People who choose to live in a terrace house in Singapore understand the benefits of living in this type of residence. Interested buyers or tenants know that terraced houses can be more affordable than pricey condos and can be more appealing if their taste leans toward quaint and simple. What are the things you need to consider before signing that contract on a terraced home?


Where is it located?

Is it located nearby a highway or a busy street? Is it nearby convenience stores, malls, hospitals and outdoor parks? Is it close to public transport? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when assessing the location of the residence. It is important to find out if it is right beside the highway or a busy street since traffic noise can easily penetrate terrace houses since they are built lower than high rise buildings.  If it is just a stone’s throw away from important amenities like the hospital and stores, it can add weight to your decision making. Terraced houses also have limited space so it would be nice to find out if there are nearby parks to make up for space.

Is it safe?

This question is applicable for any kind of housing property you are thinking of owning or renting. The neighborhood should be a known safe place especially when you are raising kids. Are the streets well lit at night? Is there a steady flow of traffic in the surrounding streets which make it safer to cross every day?

Is there space to park my car?

Obviously, if you commute and do not own or plan to own a car, this concern is not applicable. For car owners, know that terraced houses do not offer the benefit of having your own garage indoors. Know what the car parking arrangements are in the area. Is it okay to park right across the street? Is your car not going to disturb the flow of traffic by being parked out on the street?

Is the house in excellent condition?

If the terraced housing you have been eyeing on is always being leased, chances are, the place in not in pristine condition – instead it may be worn out but still liveable. What maintenance or repairs do you need to  carry out? Are there any signs of leaks? Will the landlord cover costs?