What is a Bubble Bump Game?

bubble bump game (3)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we know that a lot of us are already preparing for it. We are probably already running through our list pf people to invite at our parties, right? Well that is totally fantastic, but here is the thing, if you are holding a party, you would know then that you need to keep people entertained and how do you do it? Simple.  Think of an exciting game to make them play.

We know that a game could be anything for kids but that is exactly the point. Everyone in a party can really enjoy a game or two. Why not? Aside that this will help you pass the time, playing games will even encourage bonding and good relationship among your guests.

We understand that sometimes, it is going to be hard to think of a real fun game that would excite everyone, and by everyone we mean kids and adults alike. This is the reason that most people stick to games that do not require too much movement or if they do, they would be the usual: Stop dance, chubby bunny, musical chairs. We know that we grew up playing all these, but how about we play ball?

Yes, ball. Well, we can all agree that playing any type of ball game would require a field and we also know that most of us would automatically think of basketball. But this is going to be different. How about you invite everyone to an open space and hold a tournament? We are not referring to a big time competition here. For your games, how about you group your guests into two teams and let them play soccer. But this time, it is going to be a tweaked version of it. If you are wondering, here it is: have you heard of bubble bump game?

It does sound new, but bubble bump in Singapore is already gaining popularity anywhere. It may sound new to everyone, but as mentioned, it is like playing football or soccer but with a twist. Imagine colorful bubble—or balloons. Red, green, blue or any color you would like and imagine wearing them in your body. Yes, it can be exactly as you imagined.  For this game, each player would be representing a color and they would be wearing a plastic bubble around their upper torso. And what do they do next? They would start playing soccer. Can you imagine it? It is like wearing a ball costume as you play around. Aside that it will add fun and a bit of cool difficulty to the game, it will assure you that it will even prevent injury from happening.

Now, if you think that the bubbles would lessen the chance of a team winning or would hinder movements, then you need to try it yourself! Just think about how funny if would be when players bumped into each other, they fall to the ground and would either bounce of roll over. Aside that it will take for the game a longer time to finish, it would give everyone a good laugh.