What does the International Schools Offer?

As one of the leading countries in modernization today, Singapore acknowledges that there is a wide array of concerns that a country needs to address to be at par with the rest of the world; the need for educational advancement. The significance of education in a progressive world is very much apparent. The primary impetus for creating a great educational system emanate from the need to provide the government with competent administrators, military personnel and government leaders. In countries such as Singapore, a solid educational system plays a major part in globalization. It is believed that for educational systems to be deeply rooted, it has to be instilled in the minds of the children at the earliest possible age. In the same way, in order to maintain the increasing interaction between countries, international schools are created to pave the way for one culture to be introduced and appreciated by the other. Furthermore, it enables an increase in amity relations between the countries. To date, there are several International Schools in Singapore, one of which is the German European School Singapore (GESS).

The German European School is an international school in Singapore founded in 1971 with a little bit of a European twist. It is a multilingual and a non-profit school. At present, GESS houses more than one thousand students in from over fifty countries worldwide. It is the philosophy of this school that all students must “learn to give and to give” in order for all the students to live a well-balanced life and become responsible citizens of the world.

Admissions. As a non-profit and independent organization, GESS is open to students from different nationality, race or creed. GESS receives applications for admission anytime during the school year provided there are still available slots.

School Life. GESS offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities for the students from music, arts, sports and culture. The school administrators see to it that all students are being kept up to date about all the important educational and extra-curricular activities. The school has a Calendar of Events and Newsletters for all students to keep abreast of new developments.

Learning. GESS is known for its multi-lingual education.  As a fully-fledged “International Baccalaureate Program (IB School)”, GESS offers different programs for students to help enhance their intellectual, interpersonal, emotional and social skills to better adopt to a rapidly developing world.

Language. GESS offers its IB Program in English while it offers the German Section using the German Language. To create a sense of balance, GESS teaches both English and German languages at different levels both in its IB Section and German Section. Aside from English and German, it also teaches other languages like Mandarin, Spanish and French.