What Do PR Agencies Do?

Over the years there have been some misconceptions as to what exactly these PR agencies do. Too often many people confuse them with advertising agencies while others have refused to even conceive the idea that any difference exists. I understand the word PR (Public Relation) can easily be understood to mean an agency responsible for all channels of advertisement for any business but the truth is that their job description is far more unique to be classified generally under advertisement. In this write-up we are going to do justice to this misconception once and for all.

Can I get a PR to help me buy ads on a newspaper? The answer is a definite NO! Surprised? You should be at this point. If you have worked as a PR or know someone that works as one, this is a familiar question often thrown at them occasionally and more casually, I must add. They of course can refer you to a good agency that does, if you are really interested. Oh, ok I now understand that part but do they write up catchy sales letters for companies and put up billboards for the business? Again the answer is a resounding NO! They are also kind enough to direct you to a good sale letter writing individual or agency. PR are not responsible for any ambiguous stories relating to the company that you may see flying around but a professional PR can do this (wait for it!); craft out an excellent press release that may resemble a good news worthy story but making it emphatically clear why the company’s (for which he represents) goods and services are very important and valued above their competitors.

I am more confused now, you may say. So what do pr agencies do that makes them stand out? I know you have been screaming this question from the beginning of this article. A professional PR obtain free (that’s right, free!) publicity for the client they represent through various media. As already explained, they draft out exceptional; press releases containing their clients product and service history and send this to journalist to form the stories you get to read on newspapers, listen on local TV and radio stations. Now I know it is becoming clearer to you. A professional PR spends most of their time building a lasting relationship with journalist, for and on behalf of their client whom they are representing. Whenever there are questions to be asked about the company’s product and services, it is the job of the PR to answer all questions professionally. This is why it is always advisable to hire a pr agency that will have detailed background knowledge of your company’s history.

Whenever you see a press conference being organized in any company, the PR is solely in charge of that. To maximally utilize the resources that abound in the internet, PR agencies now organize web based press conferences in order to save cost. During such press conferences, in which journalists are allowed to ask questions pertaining to the company’s product and services, the pr clears the air on any possible doubt and announcing the release of a new product and service when available. They help manage the company’s social media and promote their products and services. In short, they become the face of the company and act as a middleman, somewhat, between the public and the company.