If you’re working and looking to enhance a skill, shift careers or just learn something new but don’t have the luxury of time or money, you don’t need to enroll in another four-year course or a masteral programme.

Many schools today offer short diploma courses for people who want to enrich their skills so they can advance to the next level of the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder.

Here are some of the top diploma courses for this year:

    1. Visual Communication. Advertising and Multimedia is one of the most fast-paced and innovative industries in the past decade. With new technologies and new trends sprouting up every year, there is always a need for new ideas and fresh talent. Budding and seasoned artists will be able to hone their skills and discover new ways of doing things — after all, that is what innovation is all about.
    2. Tourism and Hospitality Management. If you’re looking to start a career in the world of tourism and  hospitality, this programme is for you. This is perhaps one of the most dynamic industries today, and it can give you a very effective platform to serve and engage people.
    3. Business Management. Business and management courses remain one of the top diploma courses in Singapore today, mainly because employers are constantlu looking for dynamic, innovative and effective leaders who can inspire teams and individuals to reach their full potential. This programme aims to develop a person’s skills and knowledge that can enable them to undertake a variety of roles in the accounting, human resources, business, marketing and finance sectors.
    4. Information Technology. Graduates of IT diploma courses have a plethora of career opportunities to choose from: software design and game development, to information security and business process solutions. In a world that is increasingly reliant on connectivity and technology, individuals who take on this challenging course will find themselves greatly rewarded with a lucrative, stable and innovative career.
    5. Industrial Engineering. As companies continuously adopt practices to increase and improve productivity in a rapidly changing environment, the need for industrial engineering professionals also increases. Industrial engineers figure out how to improve quality and productivity to minimize losses. They are the only engineers trained as productivity and quality improvement specialists.
    6. Sports Science. People today are also very concerned about their health and physical wellbeing. The mushrooming of health clubs and wellness programmes dedicated to professionals is proof of this. Therefore there is also an increasing demand for competent sports, health and wellness practitioners to help improve the lives of health-conscious individuals.