Wedding Traditions in Singapore

For Singaporeans, weddings are still a great way to reflect familial traditions. It is no surprise that bride and grooms practice these certain rules to make sure that their entire marriage will last a lifetime in happiness. Other than flowers for the wedding, there are certain musts you shouldn’t forget before you tie the knot.

1)      The Matchmaker. In order to make sure that your wedding and marriage goes smoothly, you must have this lady of good fortune participating in your festivities. In older times, she accompanied the groom to give his betrothal gifts (now he can just go with his family). Nowadays, she still assists the bride in her hair-combing ritual. She must be married with kids to qualify for this position.

2)      The Groom’s Gift Basket & The Bride’s Dowry. The first step of “Guo Da Li”, this is when the groom gives his betrothal gifts to the girl’s family as a formal way to ask for the girl’s hand in marriage. His betrothal gift includes food like tangerines, brandy, peanut or rice candies, pig trotters or roasted pig. Jewelry and items for rituals (red dragon or phoenix candles) are also in the basket. In return, the bride’s family gives them a dowry, which includes a sewing kit, a tea set, and other maternal belongings. The dowry means that they have accepter his offer of marriage.

3)      Hair-Combing Ritual or Shang Tou. This is when at the eve of the wedding, the bride’s hair must be combed four times. Each stroke means that the matchmaker is wishing the bride well, that her marriage may: last a lifetime, blessed with a happy and harmonious marriage, abundance and children and grandchildren, and longevity.

4)      Fetching the bride. The couple could opt to participate in a “fetching of the bride” activity, although that should only be done if there is a lot of time, or if their bridesmaids and the male’s friends and relatives are there to participate. This activity entails challenges given to the groom and he must overcome them if he wants to enter the house and see his bride.

5)      Tea Ceremony or Feng Cha. This is a formal ceremony that shows that you and your spouse are now accepted into your corresponding families.  This is a way to show respect, firstly to the groom’s parents, and then her family. When all this is done, a banquet or a feast is celebrated.

6)      San Chao Hui Men. The bride and groom return to the bride’s family to visit after three days. They must also bring gifts to pay respect. This is also called a “the homecoming”.


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