Useful Face/Skin Treatment for Everyone

To get healthy skin, you must live a healthy lifestyle. Well, it’s not easy especially in our current busy city life, where everything must come & go in a speedy mode.

Read the tips below and see whether you have missed out how many and start to lead a healthier lifestyle with a great skin treatment!

1. Eat the right foods – Do you know that having a bad diet will affect your skin condition? Nowadays there are fast food chains everywhere with high level of sugar, oil and salt. Eating such food will cause break out on your skin and make your skin dry/oily. Therefore, you must make sure you have gotten the healthy food with enough vitamins intake. Healthy food means higher in fiber, enough water, less salt, sugar and oil. Some research shown that a diet rich in fiber and vitamin C will promote younger skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin – Remove dead skin cells with exfoliating brush and scrub twice weekly will give you clean and smooth skin. Our skin cells renew every day. If we don’t remove them, it will add up layer by layer on our skin. Soon these dead skin cells will make your skin looks dull and unattractive if you don’t remove them. 

3. Cut down your sugar intake – Many people are not aware that their skin condition deteriorates sometime might leads to over-intake of sugar. Eating too much sugar will damage the collagen in your skin that used to keep your skin young and fresh.

4. Improve your circulation – One of the most important things to do to keep your skin fresh is to improve your circulation, as the blood brings oxygen and other vital nutrients to your skin. Release the anxiety inside you by moving your body for 30 minutes or more. If you are sitting in the office every day, you might feel that your skin will look dull and dry, due to the poor circulation. Therefore take a few minutes to walk around and refresh your skin cells.

5. Exercise – This is the cheapest and easiest way to refresh your skin cells. When you exercise, your blood circulation moves faster than normal. As mentioned above, improving your circulation will improve your skin cells. Improve circulation also means that oxygen and nutrients will be delivered to your whole body easily and your skin can be renewed thoroughly as well.

6. Manage stress – Often work and family will stress us out. Uncontrolled stress can cause your skin to be more sensitive and breakouts of other skin problems. Try to set reasonable limits and make time for things that you will enjoy. You can feel the difference on your skin when you are happy.