Travelling in Singapore

Singapore, considered one of the highly modern countries in Asia, boasts its unique, multi-cultural and high standard of city living. Although some locals would say there aren’t much to do in the city apart from the usual shopping and dining, the must-do things for tourists is still quite a long list.

Before your Singapore trip begins, here are tips when travelling in Singapore:

Where to Stay

The home of the Merlion offers a range of accommodations for its visitors, depending on one’s budget and requirements. The Marina Bay Sands, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Raffles Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia and the Capella are some of the most luxurious and probably the most popular to travellers. However, for someone who’s on budget and would like to enjoy the city more than the room they’d stay in, there are also budget hotels available for you.

Things to Do

A feature by Daven Wu listed the “10 Things to Do” in Singapore on Time Magazine, and we’d like to add more to the list. Singapore is a family-friendly city so a trip with your family is recommended. Theme parks to choose from like the Universal Studios, Jurong Bird Park, The Singapore Flyer, Sentosa and the Night Safari are some of which that the kids and kids at heart would surely enjoy. The country is also known for luxurious shopping and dining, but revisiting the country’s history at the Singapore Discover Centre along with experiencing the local cuisines is worth the trip, too!

Getting There

There are a lot of flights to Singapore by different airlines. The Changi Airport has an organised air traffic system. Singapore also has one of the busiest but advanced transportation systems in Asia. Taxis are available on streets of the city, but the fastest way to get around the beautiful island is via the MRT. Also recommended, especially for short trips, is the city bus system as it is equally efficient and decently cheaper than the MRT.


Singapore is more expensive than its neighbour countries so don’t expect the goods and services to be cheap. Although there are affordable dining and accommodations available, planning your trip and spending accordingly would still be the best advice.