Travel To Germany and Experience their Fashion

When most people think of a place that is a Mecca for fashion, Germany may not be the first place that comes to mind, but in fact, Deutschland (especially the city of Berlin) is a power place for fashion, and has been for at least the past one hundred years.

There are over forty world known fashion academies and sponsored exhibitions occurring every year, including The Annual Bread and Butter Event at Berlin’s Airport and The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Celebration, just to name a few.  Officials of the city have a saying, “When you come to Berlin, it is impossible to escape fashion.”

One of the reasons that Germany is, by the cool insider fashionistas, considered to be a fashion nation, is that there are over one hundred, well established, fashion and design academies. It is a little known fact that most of Europe’s great fashion designers receive their training and early experience in Germany.   The top forty fashion/design academies graduate 1,000 students per year; their training, while concentrating on design, fashion, and glitz also encompasses a curriculum which includes couture architecture and engineering (providing these fashion graduates with an advantage of design and technical implementation over their competitors who attend other fashion schools.)

Authorities who monitor the Design and Fashion industry, in a recent press meeting, discussed why they believe Germany has advantages in the couture industry, over that of other countries.  Some of the main reasons they stated was that the fashion schools in Germany provide a richer curriculum of study, including coursework in design, theme development, color, material, concepts, computer literacy, photography, trends, and marketing.  This idea of bringing together several subjects to focus in on fashion and design, serves to keep educational standards high, gracing students with a better than ever education in fashion.  When students graduate from a fashion academy in Germany, they are better prepared to enter the workforce.

Many fashion designers in Germany also work to not just create a specific, unique product; they also work on brand continuity and market sustainability.  This important way of thinking contributes to Germany’s strong role in the fashion world, assuring their place at the top.  By combining commerce with culture, Germany’s Fashion Industry is guaranteed to rule over the rest.

Germany’s fashion industry hires at least 200 graduates from fashion school, every year.  This fact confirms that when you travel to Germany, you are affected by fashion; it is impossible to escape design if you are there.  It surrounds you.