Top Three Art Museums in Singapore

Singapore boasts of a rich culture and heritage. Not only do they celebrate their Singaporean history, they also celebrate their Chinese roots from their festivals and other cultural influences in their country.

Frequently, Singaporean galleries welcome exhibitions from foreign artists which also helped Singapore gain prominence in the art scene. They once housed the Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali collection in one of their prominent museums. And there were post-modern art sculptures displayed at the Marina Bay Sands which were originally from the Museum of Modern Art collection.

Singapore also has a roster of popular artists like Goh Chiew Lye and Eng Siak Loy that had drawn the foreign art collectors and connoisseurs. The Singapore artists are generally described as expressionistic, often having nature as the subject, but they’re not limited to that.

The one of the most popular museum is the Singapore Art Museum which shows the best of the best artworks most especially to the Asian countries, including Singaporean works. They change their show’s theme regularly and it is believed that they do not own what they feature in the art show. It is said that they only “borrow” the artworks sometimes from artists and sometimes from the owners of the paintings.

The most permanent feature, however, of the Singapore Art Museum is the Learning Gallery which shows works of art that have some social issues embedded in it. These are called learning gallery because it is often a topic for a healthy discussion and people will likewise open their eyes and be realistic about their surroundings.

Another museum that we will talk about is the Art Science Museum which is part of the Marina Bay Sands. This museum is called “The Blockbuster Museum” because it had featured popular artist’s work in its galleries. The museum is said to be divided into 3 sections: Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression.

The museum is not only limited to fine arts, but have also showcased props that were used in popular performances and films. They also have the antique historical artefact from the olden Chinese times from Genghis Khan in Mongolia to the Tang Dynasty relics.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the National Museum of Singapore. This museum has a lot of relics and artefact that are essential in explaining Singapore’s history. The arrangement of the museum is according to themes: like food, architecture, culture. The themed-areas have a video wherein it is made to explain the use of the artefacts and why.

Apart from the Singaporean artefacts, NMS also features foreign artefacts such as Victorian Wedding Dresses and Ukranian gold.