The Value of a Nebosh Certificate

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, or Nebosh, is an independent company offering internationally-recognized training and certification in a variety of fields. From basic occupational safety to diploma levels to diving safety, Nebosh is where many employers, job seekers and business professionals turn when they need professional training. Even executives interested in climbing the ladder in their industry turn to Nebosh to improve their safety knowledge.

In 2012 NEBOSH Jobs Barometer (conducted between 27 February to 12 March 2012), it examined one hundred nationally advertised jobs for health and safety managers or advisors. In nine out of ten cases, a NEBOSH qualification and/or Technician Membership of IOSH or higher was specified. This means more employers are insisting that health and safety job applicants should ideally hold a NEBOSH qualification.

When you complete a Nebosh course, you are given a Nebosh certificate specific to the skills you have learned. You can then list this accomplishment on your resume to open up new job opportunities. You can also show your certification card to your current employers to show them you have taken the initiative to improve your skills. You may be rewarded with a pay raise or perhaps a competitive promotion, though might not always be the case but from the NEBOSH research, it was reported that if you’re looking for a health and safety management position, you’re most likely to find one in the Midlands with an annual salary of around £44K. Therefore, it is still one of the jobs with good remuneration.

In many cases, Nebosh courses are offered by companies interested in providing employees with top notch safety training. If you receive your Nebosh diploma through an employer, you could use that certification to obtain other jobs that pay more, offer better benefits, or which have other perks for you personally. Companies provide this training because they want to keep you as an employee, but in the long run it will make you more competitive if you are up for a promotion or decide to look outside the company for other job opportunities.

Therefore, whether you sign up for Nebosh training on your own or receive your certification on the job, you will find that there is a lot of value in securing your Nebosh certificate:

  • You become more attractive to hiring managers and recruiters. Companies that pay for new employees to receive this training may not have to train you at all, and that saves them money.
  • You become qualified for a variety of jobs that would otherwise be out of your reach. Your training is just as valuable as taking courses at a community college, since you gain industry-specific knowledge and skills.
  • You are able to beat out the competition when going for a promotion or a new job. When comparing you to other options, employers and hiring managers will see that you have taken the initiative to secure knowledge and skills that others do not possess. This puts you ahead. Initiative and willingness to learn is important in all career fields.
  • New employment opportunities may be opened up in new fields. You do not have to feel stuck in the industry you are currently working. With a Nebosh diploma your career could turn down a new path, and you could be happier as a result.

Nebosh training courses are not easy so as the progression to achieve the highest diploma level. You need a lot of determination and perseverance; however the skills and knowledge that you gained from the training and the competency that you demonstrate in your workplace will make you shine from your peers. In addition, your reward for putting the time and effort into learning is all of the perks listed above. You never know what could become of your career and your life when you put out the effort to improve your knowledge base and skill sets in your industry of choice.