The do’s and don’ts in using your Air Con this summer

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Aircons are our best friend when the heat strikes during summer. (Source:

When summer comes, it brings with it unbearable heat. This is why during summer the air con suddenly becomes our best friend and our electricity bill our worst enemy. As we use our air con frequently during the sweltering summer season, we should know how to properly use it not only for its longevity but also for the good of our electricity bills. You wouldn’t want to go broke after the summer season.

What are the do’s and don’ts then in using our air con this summer? How do we make sure we save energy? And how can we properly maintain our air con units?


    1. Turn off the fan and the compressor. You can do this by setting the fan setting on auto mode.

    2. Make sure your air con system is fit for your room. Many think that having a bigger air con unit will provide a better cooling system. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. A room with an air con unit that is disproportionate to its size will only make the air con perform inefficiently as the unit will cool the room to the thermostat set-point before proper dehumidification. This will make the room feel clammy.

    3. Always check the thermostat as it is crucial in efficient air con usage. If your thermostat is damaged, your air con unit won’t function properly. There are times that it won’t function at all if the thermostat is broken.

    4. Have your air con unit cleaned before summer begins for good air quality to avoid allergies and respiratory complications. A dirty air con unit not only increases your electricity bill but can also increase medical and hospital bills if someone in your home gets respiratory complications.

    Air con owners can do the cleaning on their own but it’s recommended to have an air con technician check your unit for any damages as they know more about the equipment. They can check the air con’s filters and condenser coils and other parts that would need routine cleaning.

    5. Have the refrigerant levels of your air con checked. Improper refrigerant levels can damage the compressor of the air con unit. Compressors are vital to the whole air conditioner system. If your compressor is broken, your air con wouldn’t work so good luck with enduring the summer heat. Moreover, a broken compressor can spike up your electricity bill.

    6. Turn on the air con unit early if you are expecting a hot day, especially during summer. It will be easier for the room to cool when it is not too hot.


    1. Don’t use the air con system’s central fan to circulate the air. Use instead circulating fans.

    2. Don’t leave the thermostat setting on all the time. It can bring moisture back in your home and can increase your electricity bills.

    3. Don’t set your thermostat on the coolest setting. Keep it under an efficient level. Knowing the efficient level depends on the temperature and climate in your area.

    4. Don’t place appliances that produce heat such as lamps near the thermostat.

    5. Don’t block the outdoor unit of your air con as this will prevent air circulation. If the heat cannot be discharged, there’s a high chance of short circuiting.