The Benefits and Different Types of Awnings

If staying out of the sun’s harmful rays is your everyday concern, then having durable awnings at home is a good way to begin with, a very good option for you. This frame of shade offers a comfortable escape from summer day’s heat. The installation of the awning Singapore at your doorway, window, or deck not just help you feel more comfortable but also make you more relaxed during the summer and rainy season. Such shades may come in different designs, shapes and sizes.


To get the right one for you, you need to be able to identify your needs accordingly. In general, this shade of canvas can be termed as permanent or temporary structures that you can easily install anywhere you please.


Different Types of Awnings That You Can Easily Installed at Your Preferred Space

Since this type of shades is for outdoor use, purchase those sturdy ones that best fit to attach to the exterior of your house. This will ensure its durability no matter what the weather conditions are.


  • Stationary

Stationary awning is permanently attached in the exteriors of your house, to your windows or door, examples include a deck, the windows in general or a patio. This type can be very sturdy and stable because it can stand up against winds, sun’s rays, rains and more. The option to get it customised according to your requirements and needs are available. In addition to the mentioned advantages of owning this type of awning is that it can fit your oddly shaped deck as well.


  • Retractable

Retractable awning Singapore is the type of shade that rolls or folds up. It is also known as the most preferred type because it offers more flexibility. If there’s a need to restrict the dirt or dust coming in, retractable awning can be easily rolled up. One of its key feature is that it can soak up all the sun’s harmful rays. You can also easily put this away in times of bad weather, and less maintenance for its frames.


  • Portable

This kind of shade is the one that can be easily transferred from one place to another. Even though this shade is not very sturdy, you can rely on it in terms of protection against the dust particles and harmful rays of the sun.


  • Window covers

If you need to block the direct sunlight coming into your home, one good idea to address this concern is to have an awning contractor Singapore install the specially designed window covers, which can also be the retractable or stationary ones. Or, you can ask it to be installed if you just want to add that elegant look to your house’s exteriors.


  • Motorized

If you compare this type to retractable ones, the motorised awning is easy to install and more convenient to use. The reason for this is that it is better than the very expensive manual retractable awnings.


To conclude, since awnings are available and made from different types of materials, to analyse what is best for you is highly relevant. Identify your need, choose the right material and required benefits so you can use it to its full potential.