Smart Ways to Beat Expensive Singapore Services

If you are considering travelling to Singapore, whether it is for a few weeks or a few months, then you will need to get used to something very quickly. Unlike other parts of Asia where the prices are fair and easily balanced, in Singapore everything is pretty expensive.

If you turn up with a medium amount of cash, you will find yourself running out in no time at all. However, although Singapore can be a nightmare for your bank balance, if you look in the right places it does not have to be the case.

There are lots of great places in Singapore you can visit that will provide you with an awesome service which is far better value than the “brand-name” services. Here are some tips for you to consider when you visit Singapore, by applying these to your trip you will find that the costs aren’t quite so upsetting!

Avoid ‘Posh’ Restaurants

One of the first things you will learn is that dodging the big restaurants is the easiest way to save money. Especially if you are going to be here for quite a while, then you want to make your money last. You are far better served going to Little India or Chinatown to get a quality meal at a fraction of the price.

Although the expensive meals are worth every penny, you can pick up enjoyable and nutritious meals in the markets and the stalls for much more acceptable prices.

Check Your Lodgings

The ‘big’ hotels and restaurants are maddeningly expensive, and unfortunately some of them just do not do the justice of the price. Thankfully, there are many ways you can beat this situation and give yourself a comfortable place to live without smashing your bank balance.

For example, lower-tier places like the InnCrowd in Little India offer a brilliant place to stay for a fraction of the price of the big hotels. They might lack luxurious nonsense like swimming pools, but if you are here for a medium-term holiday then you can do without!

Rent A Car

Especially if you are going to be here for a while, then you are going to want to consider transport. The public transport is expensive to say the least, and the stop-off points for buses can be a little misleading, so you are better off getting a rental car.

When it comes to long term car rental Singapore has so many different stores and online sites on offer for you to rent from. So long as you understand the car licensing rules in Singapore, you should have no problems at all about getting a rental car.

These modern, comfortable and safe rental cars allow you to go around at your own pace and also cut back on the excessively dear public transport systems. Rental cars are always fine – they come insured, they are perfect for getting around in, and can be rented for as long as you need.

Singapore no longer has to be the Asian Monaco – you can get here for a fraction of the old prices, and you can have the same amount of fun on a budget. The jump in class between the “poor” hotels and restaurants and the “posh” ones really is nowhere near what the price difference suggests!