Safest Bus Company in Singapore

Traffic safety is crucial in a developing city. If the streets and transportation sector is safe, it reflects that the city is an equitable place to live. Buses are considered to be a significant part of public transportation in Singapore. Aside from it being convenient and accessible, it complements the MRT transport system in bringing commuters to their destinations. Singapore Public bus services are operated by two main bus companies: The SBS Transit Ltd and the SMRT Buses Ltd.

In ensuring the safety of bus and other transportation in the city-state, the government mandated the Land Transport and Authority (LTA) to oversee the regulations and rules pertaining to transportation. At the same time, the LTA also helps in enforcing and implementing these regulations. They also plan developments for the transport system.

In its advocacy to ensure transport security, Singapore formed the Public Transport Security Committee or PTSC in 2004. It is lead by the Chief Executive of the Land Transport and Authority. Among its members are representatives from various sectors of the government such as the Ministry of Transport, Singapore Civil Defense Force, Ministry of Home Affairs, Internal Security Department, Singapore Police Force, Public Transport Operators, National Security Coordination Centre, and the Joint Counter Terrorism Centre.

Aside from public transportation, there are also a lot of privately-owned bus companies which provide bus services for people. One of these bus companies is the Loh Gim Chong Transport.

Loh Gim Chong Transport is an undisputed veteran in the Singapore bus industry. It was established in 1981 and has since then provided an array of bus services for local and tourists alike.

Some of their services are airport transfer, contracted long term transit services, and ad-hoc bus charters. They also have comprehensive plans suitable to the different needs of the client.

Their more than 30 years in the business have solidified their stature in the bus services industry. In this span of decades, they have continuously developed standards to fit the needs of their clients as well as to ensure that they have the safest and most secure innovations.

Aside from experience, their people are trained and skilled. Their coach captains have at least three (3) years of driving experience for bus charter services. Maintenance of their units are not a problem as well because, as a protocol, they service them every 15,000 KM in authorized workshops. This seem too much, but this measure is needed for the company wants to ensure the safety of their clients.

When worst comes to worst, the company have comprehensive insurance coverage for the bus units and its passengers.

All in all, the Singapore government and private companies are working hand in hand to provide the safest and most effective bus services in Singapore. On our part as individuals, we should cooperate with the regulations and rules to make sure that the system will work flawlessly. Afterall, it is for our own good. So, go out there and try these bus services in the city-state!