Relaxing Massage in the Comfort of Home

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What better way to completely enjoy the soothing effects of massage than to have it in the very comfort of one’s home. It takes the meaning of ‘comfort’ to a whole new other level.

Yes, nowadays, massage parlor services have evolved into more legitimate and extensive health and wellness provisions which is a significant accomplishment considering that just a few years ago, these kinds of businesses were highly controversial. Not so long ago most massage parlors were widely viewed as fronts for illegal sexual and illicit services and were therefore generally frowned upon if not considered downright illegal. Today however, the massage industry is a booming industry even in traditional and highly conservative countries like Singapore where erotic massages and other outcall massage services are in vogue.

A closer look at the current forms of massage services in various massage hubs and parlors in Singapore will roughly show how far the industry has evolved. Before, an average massage center in Singapore offered only a limited number of massage services. Back then, the Swedish massage, the most common massage technique using simple combination of long smooth strokes, kneading, rolling, lifting, wringing, tapping, circular and vibration movements that moved from broad general strokes into more specific areas, was the main staple. All other variants or techniques were simply minor modifications of the Swedish massage technique. After a while, the Swedish massage was also offered for out-call, home massage service.

Today however, massage parlors around Singapore are offering as many as 20 different techniques excluding special packages that include use of special gadgets like warm rocks and feathers.  In today’s, typical massage menu, there are at least 5 types of rehabilitative massage treatments like deep tissue massage which are more deliberate, slow and intense strokes that target muscle knots and other deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues.  There are also a dozen other Asian techniques like Japanese shiatsu body work which follows the principles of oriental acupuncture to improve the flow of energy and digestion by applying pressure to localized parts of the body using fingers, hand and elbows without the aid of oil or lotions. The Thai Massage on the other hand that combine yoga and stretching to improve flow of energy, flexibility and reduce migraine, muscle spasm and back pains.

But more surprisingly, there is also wide acceptance and growing popularity of erotic massage like lingam and body to body (b2b) massage that are inspired by tantric principle of awakening one’s kundalini, an enlightenment-related concept. The lingam erotic massage focuses on the male genitalia while the b2b massage connects the therapist’s and client’s sexual chi or energy through intimate contacts of their bodies. Of course these newer forms of erotic massage in Singapore may have been accepted since they are based on oriental Eastern philosophy. As testament to this acceptance, and also aided by the fact that therapists who uses these methods now do so with thoughtfulness, respect, care, and professionalism, tantric and b2b erotic massage in Singapore are also now being offered for outcall  or home service options.