PVMA: Benefits and Membership

Industries always have an association that unites all of their differences together. There are also the institutions that make sure that the standards set by a higher authority are followed. In addition, it is the organization that acts as a voice of its members.

Pressure tank manufacturers are not left out with regards to this aspect.

The association where these manufacturers are under is called Pressure Vessels Manufacturers Association. The name speaks generally of all companies who produce pressurized devices. Pressure tanks manufacturers are just part of the many companies that you can find in the organization.

The Pressure Vessels Manufacturers Association was established in 1975 in accordance to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code, Section VIII, Division 1 and Division 2. The members of the association produce mostly of the ASME-Code.

Being part of the association might also have advantages when it comes to orders and production. In 2007, all members were able to produce and ship 1.75 million ASME Code Pressure Vessels. This is important since the code dictates that standards in pressurized vessels. If it was not approved by ASME, you should be wary. It may be a sub-standard product which might carry a lot of risks.

As a major benefit, the members of the association are given a say in the making of the policies. The association acts as a medium where companies submit their suggestions. In return, the association submit these recommendations to code writing and standard making agencies.

In addition, the PVMA also acts as a ground for companies to share their ideas. Though it is true that they are competing against each other, it is also their goal to improve the industry overall. That is why sharing ideas may be necessary. By sharing the idea, one company might try to find ways to make the idea better. As a result, the technology used in every manufacturing company will constantly improve which pays dividends to the industry and its customers.

Just think if they do not share their ideas to others – the pressure tank industry might be at a standstill and may end up hitting a huge wall.

The PVMA can also act as a regulatory agency. Since they are the ones which act as the body that imposes the standards, they can check through the products every now and then. This makes sure that there are no risks to the operations in which the tanks are to be used. This is a welcomed though for the higher authority as it reduces the amount of people that they are sending out into the field.

Becoming a member is very easy – any company can be part of it, you just have to pay your dues. It is usually based on the amount of sales that you earn in a year.

Here is a list of the annual sales and its corresponding dues.

Under $2,000,000 = $1,500

$2,000,000 – $7,499,999 = $3,000

$7,500,000 and over = $4,500

Not such a lucrative donation if you compare it to ones sales, especially to an association who looks to make every pressure tank manufacturer an integral part of the development of the industry.