Must Have Apps When Visiting Singapore

Singapore, being one of the world’s modern countries in Asia, is not behind its western counterparts with regard to smart phone breakthroughs. Yes, that includes your travelling apps essentials! Are you planning to visit the Little Red Dot? Here’s a list of must have apps when visiting Singapore in no particular order.


YourSingapore Guide

Available on both iOS and Android, this app is dubbed as “your ultimate travel companion” by the Singapore Tourism Board – the app developer. This app consists of over a thousand comprehensive information about the  must see and do in the city, along with providing its users with tips in touring the country like fare estimations, taxi booking and maps for efficient route suggestions.

This app doesn’t only do the stuff discussed above, it also gives its users some perks like dining and shopping privileges from over 500 partners tied with American Express, Singapore Airlines and StarHub.

For visitors who would purchase the prepaid card co-branded with StarHub, free data access is also a perk that one would enjoy using while in Singapore.


Although not developed by Singaporeans, PocketGuide is one of the world’s essential travel guide apps. This app provides its users with perks in over a hundred major city destinations, including Singapore, such as exclusive insider hangouts and must-see sights to cite a few.

The amazing feature that this app boasts of is its voice recording discussing the sights around you. There’s no need for one to read a text from the mobile phone, as enjoying the attractions you see around you would suffice while listening to a recorded local guide.

This app is developed by the guys from GPS City Guide LLC.

Singapore Maps and Walks, Full Version

Developed by Inc, this app is especially developed for travellers who enjoy the pleasure of walking while enjoying the best of the city. As with a regular GPS, it offers its users a detailed tour route with powerful navigation features.

This app is also packed with routes and information about Singapore must-see sights. The walking tours included in this app, specifically made for your Singapore visit are: city orientation tours, landmarks, museums, art galleries, shopping areas, nightlife and the likes.


The apps listed above now prove that a smart phone is such a “powerful” gadget as it can now provide its users with information in an easy access. We probably never imagined these were possible before, but it is now available with just a tap on your mobile’s touch screen. Enjoy your visit!