Items that You Must Have At Home

solar film for home windows singapore

What makes a home comfortable, warm, and safe? Often, it is the elements and items inside it that makes it distinct from any other homes. We listed some of the item must-haves for your humble abode:

  • Solar films: Installing a window solar film is very energy efficient and protects you from the harsh rays of the sun. Shane, who put solar film for home windows in her flat in downtown Singapore shared why she opted to do this, “I love keeping my complexion fair and I’d like to protect my furniture from UV rays because they can easily deteriorate when exposed too much to the scorching heat. Solar films also cut off my electric bill as I don’t need to keep the house always cold with air conditioning because the solar films keep the inside of the house cool enough.”
  • An definitive artwork: It can be an abstract painting about harmony or maybe a portrait of the family, or your favourite landscape, having a big, definitive artwork at home is a good conversation piece for house guests—and it shows a sense of warmth and sophistication.
  • A furniture made of wood: It can be a stool or a table, but every home must have one wooden furniture in it. through its article 9 Must-Have Items For Every Home suggested this, “A wood stool or table. For some people, there’s never enough natural wood. For others, it’s the last thing they would think to use. But wood is an essential material for adding a sense of warmth and life to a home, and it can be introduced in many places beyond dining chairs and kitchen cabinets. Accent pieces like this classic Eames walnut stool help bring an element of wood off the floors and into the center of the room. In this space, the majority of what you see is clean white walls, elegant fabrics and personal art, but the organic element of wood is still there to keep everything feeling grounded.”
  • Water filters and dispenser: One of the most important things whose safety we need to ensure is the water we drink. Lin, a homemaker from Singapore, shared how cautious she is with their potable water that she bought several water filters and water dispenser for the kitchen, “My husband once tested the clarity and contaminants present in the water we drink at home and found that it wasn’t as clean as we hope it would be. Immediately, I bought a water dispenser and even searched for the best water filters. Every home should have this because we can get diseases from poor quality water and we should always be concerned with the health of each family member.”
  • First Aid Kit: Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit is essential as accidents and sudden feeling of sickness can arise at any time. Keep a first aid box with some essentials like bandages, alcohol, wound cleansers, eye cleansers, cottons, medicines for cold, flu, cough, or stomach ache. Every home should have one.
  • CCTV cameras and House Alarms: Burglars today are very smart that you need to be extra cautious in keeping your house protected at all times. CCTV cameras and house alarms will surely make them feel intimidated to enter your homes. Make sure too that you door locks are sturdy so no one can break in easily in your house. Keep your gate and back doors locked at all times as well.
  • Fire Exit and Fire Extinguisher: No one knows when a destructive fire outbreak can happen, inside your home or in your neighbour’s so having a fire exit is very important for family members to easily get away safely, just in case. Fire extinguishers are important as well for flames that are still manageable and can be diminished easily. Make sure everyone at home is oriented about what to do during fire outbreaks so no one will be clueless on how to act on unfortunate events like this.