iPad VS Laptop – What Suits You Best


Image source: pixabay.com

If your old laptop is getting a bit cranky and you’re thinking about replacing it, you’ve probably already considered this question: Should you buy another laptop, or go with an iPad instead? It’s a real dilemma. Let’s see if we can sort out the pros and cons.

Advantages of iPad

The days of dragging around a clunky electrical cord in your laptop bag, and shoving people out of the way to get the last table next to an outlet are over. Your new iPad has a battery life of eight hours or longer, so relax and enjoy your coffee while reading the news on a park bench.

The iPad is way more comfortable to carry and use on the go, too. It’s ultra-light and portable. And even if you use it for hours at a time, it won’t heat up or make the annoying fan noises your laptop does.

How about software – have you been putting off upgrading to the latest version of Office, or sweating over the price of Photoshop? You can kiss all that goodbye with your iPad. There really is an app for just about anything. Even better, the majority of the most useful apps can be had for free.

Downloading an app takes just a few seconds in most cases, and they’re instantly usable. Even if you do end up paying for something, like Pages or Keynote for your iPad, the cost is negligible – it’s rare for an app to cost more than $10.

Advantages of Laptop

If you get rid of your old laptop, there are a few things you’re really going to miss. How many times have you burned a CD or DVD, for example? You can’t do that with an iPad. And the iPad has no native support for Flash. So any website that makes use of Flash is just an empty space on that gorgeous little retina screen.

Even more frustrating is the fact that your iPad will not allow you work with a split screen. It’s really astonishing that despite the iPad’s versatility, there is absolutely no way to keep two apps open and onscreen at the same time.

Storage is another issue. It’s easy to find laptops with ten times the storage of your iPad, and add even more with an external drive. With an iPad, whatever you start out with is all you get – at this date, the best you can do is 64 gigs, at a price that will buy two laptops.

And sure, it’s possible to store everything in a Dropbox account. But that’s cumbersome and time-consuming as an alternative to having all your files immediately accessible from your desktop.

For now, if you do any kind of graphic design or computer-based art, you’ll want to stick with a laptop. Photoshop Touch is as good as it gets for graphic manipulation on the iPad, and although it’s surprisingly flexible, it’s not nearly as powerful as Photoshop on your laptop.

So here’s the bottom line: you can do a lot with an iPad. But when you get yours, hang on to that old laptop. You’re going to need it.

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