How to Select Accommodations for a Romantic Getaway in Bali

Bali is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. There are miles of beaches, with many private beaches offered as well. The sand feels great between your toes and the sun feels wonderful on your skin. There are many opportunities for adventure with water sports, shopping destinations, and beautiful restaurants. You can also decide to just cuddle up in your oceanview Bali villa and forget that anyone else exists.

If there is one thing that can completely wreck your romantic Bali getaway, it is your choice of accommodation. You want your special someone to be comfortable, but preferably they will also feel pampered. You want to completely take them away from their everyday life and give them the treatment that you know they deserve. You can only do that when you book with the right accommodation.

Beyond Cleanliness

Many people look for affordable accommodation that is clean, but you want much more than that for your romantic getaway. You want a Bali pool villa that is so clean you could eat off the floor. It should also be well designed and nice to look at throughout your trip. You should have daily room service from a maid, and your loved one should have everything they need in the villa when they arrive.

You should also think about the services offered through your chosen villa. Make sure someone is there to answer your questions and help you figure out the best places to go for massages, fine dining, and other entertainment options. You want a car to be called for when you are ready to head out for dinner and you want privacy when it is required.

You only get this when you book with an oceanview Bali villas. If you book with a hotel you will not have as much privacy as you expect and you won’t have dedicated concierge services to ensure your loved one has everything they need at every step of the vacation. You also won’t have the comfortable, well designed living space that comes with a Bali pool villa.

Romance and Luxury

When you rent a villa, you impress your loved one in a very special way. They get to taste luxury, which is something that blends very well with romance. Whether you are trying to take the relationship to the next level or you want to rekindle the passion that you had in the beginning of a longer relationship, you need the luxury that comes with an upscale villa to create the right vibe for our overall trip.

It is very difficult to feel romantic when you are crowded into a small hotel room and you have to go down a long hallway, down the elevator and then through a crowd of people to get to a public pool or hot tub. That is the benefit of going all out with a luxurious Bali pool villa. You have your own pool right out the door, or at least will be sharing with far fewer people.

That means more privacy and convenience, and that is exactly what you need when trying to create a romantic atmosphere!