How to Choose the Right Property Agency in Singapore?

Because of the immense development and uprising economy of Singapore over the past 7 years, Singapore real estate and property agencies has been significantly rising and growing in the market.

Property market increases in urgency to the growing industry of Singapore as it able to accommodate the demands of foreign and local investors, new business establishments and number of immigrants in the country. In order to meet these demands, usually, foreign investors hire a property agency Singapore to guide them in a rightful decision of buying properties. Popular agents includes ERA Real Estate, Orange Tee, Huttons Real Estate and City Development Ltd.

Buying properties in Singapore is hard especially if you don’t have a property agent to accommodate the investment, however, one can choose the right property agency in Singapore by looking out for these qualities they bring to their clients

property agency Singapore
Top achiever or Top agent
Certainly we can assure that a leader in real estate business is a top achiever and is renowned because of its contribution to the industry. Numerous awards are given recognition to top agents by certifying bodies. It only assures that their performance and leadership as well as their mission is carried out through their past accomplishments with their clients. It will give you confidence that whatever the decision you have made together with the agency will give you absolute confidence that it will exhibit excellence.

Honesty and Integrity
Choosing the right property agency involves a good judge of character. Building a good relationship with the agent will give you a hint if he is honest and reliable in having valuations to win your business. Too high appraisal of the value of the property gives an unrealistic impression and can make you lose the opportunity to sell it at a decent price. An honest agent will inform you positively of the assessed price of the property whether it may involve high or low valuation sale or a low commission rate.

History and Reliability
Searching through the vast portfolio of their past accomplishments will give you a better idea how they perform well with their clients. The bigger the portfolio, the better the reliability of the agent because it only proves that clients go after them for their veritable service. Moreover, checking the clients testimonials are a great way to assess how they conform to their goals and mission that they impart to every project that they manage. It will give you assurance that they will help you to make the right decision and have client’s best interests in mind.

Goals and commitment
Property agents showing commitment or dedication in their work are mostly the ones who make time for any deal even if the commission is small. They make time to send you message or a call even if they are busy and pursuing any deal, calling any prospective clients just to win your business. It also shows humbleness because even if they cannot make most money of it, they are much willing to help you to make the right decision.

Accreditation and affiliation
Accreditation and affiliation with developers is also a key aspect in choosing the right property agency. Check out their good relationship with fellow developers and real estate agencies. A certifying body recognizes their best effort and contribution to the industry. You can go for the property agency who has good references from their colleagues about their workmanship.