How Marine generators are Used

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A significant percentage of work craft boats (of varying sizes) and recreational vessels more than 8.53 meters (28 feet) in length have marine generators that supply electric power to numerous boat systems and equipment. While marine generators aren’t a definite necessity, anyone that finds themselves with a boat that is experiencing problems like a lack of shore power or having engines shut down, would be glad to have them on board. An alternate power source like a Singapore diesel generator (as well as gasoline powered) will conserve battery power and also use significantly less fuel than the boat’s main engines.

Some people confuse inverters with marine generators (both produce electrical power). Inverters convert a boat’s battery power. A Marine generator provides continuous AC electricity without the use of batteries; this can be an important consideration when making an attempt to start an inverter outfitted boat with energy depleted batteries.

A Singapore diesel generator is used to transform the energy that is stored in diesel fuel into electrical energy that is used by industrial as well as household equipment. Diesel powered watercraft typically carries a diesel generator and is usually connected into the boat’s engine fuel line eliminating the need for an independent, space eating fuel tank.

Marine generators are rated by the kilowatt amounts of electrical current that they produce. For example, smaller sized recreational crafts typically call for a generator equipped with no more than 3 kilowatts while bigger working boats or leisure craft like fishing vessels, ferries and luxury yachts typically have generators of 25 kilowatts and more on board.

Marine generators vary from standard industrial and residential generators in that they are designed and built to withstand corrosion and moisture complications related with marine environments. In addition, most marine generators don’t require a self contained cooling system because they are cooled by hydraulic pumps that consistently circulate seawater through the generator’s core. As a result, marine generators require less space in the typically cramped engine locations in most work or recreational boats.

Equipping your board with dependable electrical power is serious business and most working class or leisure boaters can’t afford, or don’t want the deal with the inconvenience of down time. East Asia (EA) Power’s Singapore diesel generator options are built to perform under the most demanding and hazardous conditions. Ranging from 50 to 2800 kilowatts, our EAMX generator sets are fitted with external connection locations are straightforward installation and easy maintenance, analogue-digital controls and produce the unyielding and dependable power you need to keep you in business. We make sure that your boat’s systems will operate as one vital unit together with all of its auxiliary equipment including starting and cooling systems, instrumentation and controls.