Here’s Why Hiring a Chartered Bus in Singapore for Group Travels is a Must

chartered bus in Singapore


Despite being a relatively small country, it is better to adore the wonderful sights, sounds and sceneries of the famous lion city if we will have our own service to tour us around.  Good thing, they are a number of trusted chartered bus in Singapore companies that can make our group travels more fun and memorable.

Usually, travelling with a large group of people can be a little bit of a logistical nightmare for the ones organizing the trip so planning ahead of time will be key in solving this perennial problem. With regards to the best solution, the hands down choice is to rent a bus for the duration of your whole trip in Singapore.

To further help those who will have the same dilemma in the coming days or months, we’ll give you the important reasons why getting a chartered bus should be prioritized first.

  1. Offer Point to Point Bus Service. Good thing about availing such rented coach is that theyoffer convenience by means of picking and dropping off their guests depending on their itinerary for the day. For example, If they plan to visit the whole Sentosa Island for the entire Sunday afternoon, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. The bus driver will fetch the group at the hotel where they are billeted on a designated time both parties agreed with and they will patiently as they go around the Universal Studios Singapore and check the activities happening within the complex.
  2. Comfortable.  Once you have a charter bus in Singapore that can take your group to every corners of the country, they will not let their guests experience such hassle of riding public transportation. Also, when you travel via a charter bus, your group do not have to abide and think about the restrictions of the other modes of transportation. Some bus also offers more leg room, reclining seats, foot rest, reading lights and a portable toilet so that every passengers is comfortable as they roam around and discover what Singapore has to offer to them. 
  3. Safe and Trouble Free. The bus drivers are skilled and professional in driving around town so he or she knows each and every roads and highways that they are traversing. Whether they are heading towards the Merlion Park, Singapore Night Safari, Botanical Gardens or any part of the city, it is the duty of the driver to drive them safe and sound to these destinations. 
  4. Cost Effective and Budget Friendly. Even though it is loaded with amenities and good security details for different circumstances, leasing a bus unit is still cheap, economical and completely competitive option as mode of transportation most especially for large tours. 
  5. Lessen Traffic Jams. Imagine if all of the 50 people that comprise your group will take a cab from transferring from one spot to another, it may cause a car build-up and will probably occupy too many lanes on the highways.

Group travelling will not be a problem anymore and we owe to it to these buses for solving our transportation woes.