Grants You Can Get For Your Research in Singapore


For many years, independent ideas have been ignited by the funding of larger firms. This has allowed the brightest in society the same chances as the richest, giving them access to resources far beyond their usual means.

In terms of a research grant Singapore has many different citizenships, government funds and independent investors who are more than happy to back innovation. If somebody in Singapore is looking to try and advance a specific topic, or is looking to do some delicate research, there is always investment opportunities.

Today, many of the biggest innovations come from people without the financial backing behind them to achieve it in the first place. Research grants allow of these people to stand up and find the chance to expand on their theories and ideas.

There are many different styles of grants that you can get, but the majority break down into two separate categories;

Independent Funding

This can vary from source to source – some Universities, for example, receive independent funding, some, on the other hand, and receive government funding. However, independent funding comes from a non-government source.

Usually a private company with an interest in that line of work or niche, independent funding is usually based on a few specific pieces of criteria. They look to see quicker progress, but with the potential for larger grants.

People in many lines of work get grants, not just researchers. Even people like movie producers and sportsman are regular recipients of grants. However, in Singapore, there are many independent research grants available. Either through universities or companies like SIIRD, the opportunities to find quality research aid financially and professionally are many.

Government Funding

The governments across the world put a lot of resources into education and this includes things like research grants. They allow for independent groups to take on tasks which could be extremely important, but the government does not have enough bodies to research themselves.

By providing the funding, these groups get access to all the equipment and resources they need to produce an improvement in whatever their research involves. This can be anything from medicine to social diversity – the lists for research grants really are endless.

If you are looking for a research grant Singapore has many privately and government funded projects open. As long as you have fully documented your own experiences what you believe will be the outcome and the required amount or equipment, you have every chance of getting your research grant.

Funding used to be extremely difficult to find – today, it is available from a huge selection of different sources across the area.