Evita Peron’s Shadows in Modern Fashion

Sad and applying lipstick

Very few still understand what she meant when she said shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun. But very few can deny the way her shadows remain overcast in various aspects of modern life. Evita Peron is an icon in Argentinian national landscape and is one of the nation’s popular figures. As first lady in the 1040’s she ran the Ministries of Labor and Health and became a prominent leader of labor and women’s rights. Although controversial, she was declared the spiritual leader of Argentina before her death in 1952. Since then she has had a looming influence in politics, activism, and well, fashion inspiring an entire line of clothing, sunglasses, hairclips and other accessories that remain relevant to this day and to a new breed of modern consumers.

Peron was known to be corrupt, conniving and megalomanical and is a controversial figure in Argentina’s history as she was both loved and hated by many Argentinians. But if there is anything the world agreed on about her, it is that she can dressing up fabulously. In fact, she became popular for wearing Dior suits, loud evening gowns, big jewelries, a signature mink stole. And true enough, roughly seventy years after her death, she has in a way become an eternal fashion icon even outside Argentina.

For many fashion designers, Peron’s clothes were not bold in themselves. Yet she used clothing as a means of communication and she gave them special meanings through her personality and actions by appropriating trends of the time combined with audacity and imposing her character of strength, passion which captures the very spirit of modern fashion for women: feminine and elegant.

Understandably, these qualities are engraved in very clothing and accessories she has inspired. One such line, designed and manufactured by a brand completely and unmistakably honoring Evita, the Evita Peroni Collection, boosts of entire line, make and models of hair accessories, hats and scarves and woman’s everyday essentials.

One of the more famous Peron items are her signature Evita Peroni hair clips made from high quality plastics and metals and with high quality craftsmanship. Luxurious and bold like the person that inspired them, Evita Peroni hairclips are regular everyday fashion items but are far from being common and mundane like its counterparts. They come in simple luxurious colors and designs like plain elegant black, brown and pink and Philippa, Susanna and Aida models that are modern classics in every way.

And then there are Peron-inspired sunglasses: stunning designer dark-grays women sunglasses that evokes vintage 1980’s design. For sunglasses there is no particular brand. Instead, Peron-inspired design come from various eyewear brands like Esprit, Starck Eyes, Armani Exchange. Peron-inspired sunglasses are classic plastic geometric framed, classic stylish designs that mimic minimalism in all its simple glory with high essentials combined with streamlined features for a clean, simple but elegant look. These designs are usually clear or photo gray acetate eyeglass mounted on translucent plastic frames that are different from the polarized sunglasses today.  The more popular designs today are retro-style design which nods back to the 70’s.

Today of course, the aviator and round polaroid glasses have returned from the 80s and have established themselves as permanent classics in the eyewear industry. But as with the spirit and memory of Peron, the sunglasses that she inspired never really left.