Do’s and Dont’s of Sending Flower for Funeral

Sending flower for funeral is one way you can show your sympathy to someone dear to you that has lost a loved one.


Expressing your condolences, whether personal or through private messages, can be tough. Finding the words to say to help make the person feel better is never easy. Flowers can effectively send your message of condolences without you saying anything.

Why Order Funeral Flowers Online

There are various online flower shops in Singapore that offer delivery. You won’t have to take care of getting the flowers to the wake, yourself.  And because of the wide variety of online florists available, finding one that offers the most competitive price range is easy too. Make sure to verify onset of your transaction if the shop offers funeral flowers delivery.


What to Take Note Of When Choosing Funeral Flowers

The online florist services provider can help you come up with an arrangement that fits the deceased. Here are other tips you you may want to take note of:


  • Be careful when choosing colours. Keep in mind that you’re not sending occasional flowers. While you’d want to send a message of celebration for the life lived by the deceased, you can’t go all too bright for your arrangement. You can always ask assistance from online funeral flower shops. A professional florist would be able to ensure that the arrangement fits the funeral program.
  • Ensure the funeral flower gets delivered at the right time. You don’t want the funeral flower delivery to interrupt a program. If possible, coordinate with someone from the side of the deceased when it would be best to have the flowers delivered. If this is not possible, on the other hand, you can always check with the online florist if they can find out the funeral program schedule for you. This way, you can ensure that the flowers arrive at the right time.


  • Choose a size that can be delivered conveniently. If you prefer to bring the funeral flowers yourself, you need to think about the size of the arrangement early on. The funeral flower should fit within your vehicle so as to preserve its arrangement. If you are having the funeral flowers delivered, verify with the online florist if the size of the arrangement would affect the delivery cost.


  • Don’t order just about any arrangement. Just because the price is right and the arrangement is stunning doesn’t mean it is the best item to order. If you are unable to talk to the family, you can always contact the online florist to help you with the arrangement.


  • Finally, don’t request for delivery until you’re sure of the address. Do not have the flowers delivered on the residential address unless the wake or funeral program is held there. This is a sensitive time and any actions you show may mean differently to the family. Only push through with the delivery once you have confirmed which address to use. The online florist can assist you in checking locations of the funeral home.


Most important is to see about the reputation of the company. Make sure to order funeral flowers from best online florist service providers in Singapore.