Different Ideas for Useful Customised Corporate Gifts that can Help with Business Relationships

custom corporate gift

Corporate gift giving is a norm when it comes to strengthening existing business relationships, as well as a good way to initialize or start a new professional working relationship. But of course, if you are to give a corporate gift to a company shareholder or a potential business partner then you must carefully choose the item that you are going to provide. This is to make sure that you give off the right impression to keep the interest of the receiving party. Various companies here in Singapore look into customizing corporate gifts to further impress their clients and consumers. Items like canvas tote bags, custom drawstring bags, leather wallets, custom printed umbrellas, and even to office items like ball point pens, flash drives, and other electronic accessories. Continue reading for more ideas on what to get your clients or consumers.


Company pen – This is probably the most common and yet the most effective, at the same time, way to introduce the company brand to an external entity or group. Given that the logo of the company is on the pen, it can really help you pull more consumers over time. The reason why it is effective is due to the fact that pens are pretty much used daily in the corporate world, signing different documents and printouts.


Custom water bottle – a water bottle is an item usually found in various places like offices, cafeterias, and even gyms. People usually have their own water bottles, but some do not bother to buy their own and buy a bottled water instead to quench their thirst whenever they need. It is one of the basic needs of our body and we should easily have access to one. The idea is to provide the receiver, usually internal employees and workers, a useful item that is branded with the logo of the company which is with them most of the time.


Umbrellas – One of the items that you would really wish you have when you actually need it. Of course, people go in and out of the work place. Which means they are susceptible to weather changes that may directly affect their punctuality. For those who does not have an umbrella or those who do not really bring one with them, giving out a number of umbrellas to them can make them realize that the company actually cares for them. This is something that is effective specially in the rainy season.


Apparels – These commonly excite people whenever they receive one. Company branded clothing like jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and even accessories like caps and handkerchiefs are quite popular to many employees. Giving out such internal corporate gifts to the workers can definitely boost their morale and it can even directly affect their productivity. So the money spent in manufacturing or customising such items is not really put to waste.


The key to a successful company is happy employees. They are the backbone of the business itself and if people just come and go in a company, then it may hinder the growth of the business itself.