Cycling Route Ideas for the Valentine’s Day

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The 14th of February is Valentine’s Day, a special event celebrated by most people around the world wherein you’ll see individuals show their love or affection through gifts, flowers, cards, dinner, and other activities. In Singapore, one popular way to spend this most awaited day is through cycling, especially for those sporty or adventurous romantic partners.

This country may be small but when it comes to cycling, it has the friendliest infrastructure. It offers some good value bicycle shops with a well-maintained network of bike paths, which is highly recommended for those who want a bit of fresh air. Cycling for a few hours can reinvigorate and help release those happy hormones, even for the most bored or tired city dwellers.

Dating Tips for Singapore Cyclist

  1. Singapore is definitely a tropical country. Its ultraviolet rays or UV is off the chart, particularly from 11 AM until 3 PM, so avoid going this time as much as possible or your date might be disappointed on your date. But if it can’t be avoided, make sure to protect one another by having the following: bottled water, hat or sunscreen extra tee, and some chocolates or nuts and raisins.
  2. Relax and enjoy the ride. As a couple, you’re a match, but you are not in a competition so don’t pressure yourself on making it to your set finish line. Have fun with the view of your surroundings; admire it together with your date. It’s a healthy way of catching up with each other.
  3. Remain in the cycle lanes. Experts from bicycle rental Singapore never failed to remind their customers to cycle only on the designated areas to avoid unwanted accidents. As much as possible, follow the rules for you and your special someone’s safety.


Where are the Best Cycling Routes in Singapore?

Pasir Ris Park is the best option for beginners.

This area has more than 7-kilometre of a well-maintained track. Pasir Ris Park bicycle rental facilities are an excellent choice if you and your partner want to enjoy the ample shade offered by the sprawling ancient trees dotted throughout the park as well as the tranquil beach setting. And if you want to spend some time with nature, there’s a stretch which passes through the mangrove forest for you. This place is also known as the perfect place to build up your confidence on two wheels, especially for beginners.

After cycling, why not invite your special someone to grab a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe area.

Kallang River and Marina Bay, cycle route for sunset romance and city views.

Start cycling from Marina Bay Sands going to the iconic Helix Bridge and enjoy a leisurely ride out along the great structure past the Singapore Flyer along the Kallang River. Turn back at the bridge crossing the river towards the skyscrapers passing the Esplanade as you go to the Merlion. For you to experience that romantic view, make sure to time your ride for the glimpse of the sunset as the scenery of the area can for some stunning photos for you and your special someone.

Pasir Ris to East Coast Park, the best cycle route for gluttons.

The bicycle rental East Coast is a very easy to follow, just take the route out of Pasir Ris Town Park passing the wide open green spaces of Tampines Eco Park and the wetlands followed by the cool breezes from Bedok Reservoir. After this sporty activity, satisfy your tummy by eating at Bedok Food Centre. For the next food trip area, follow the route going to the Parkland Green which features bars and a mix of cafes. Nearby is Sandbank that offers good tasting pizza and sandwiches.