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Singapore’s Development in Mobile Application

In the past years, mobile apps took the world by storm including Singapore and already changed the way we use the internet for work or leisure. Various technologies emerged to create mobile applications and development processes. It has started to consider mobile as first class citizens. But even though mobile already seems to be omnipresent,

Some IT Terms Worth Learning

Since we live today in a highly tech-dependent, internet-consuming, digital lifestyle world, it pays to know certain IT terms—even if you don’t work for an IT company nor are you planning a career related to it in the future. Maybe, you’re just like Content Writer Heaven Lo, who would overhear friends from the IT department

The Vital Role that a Web Development Company in Singapore Plays in the Business World

There are a lot of ways for people to live their life to the fullest, pay their dues, get everything that they have ever wanted and enjoy the rest of their days with their friends and family because there is more than one path to get to the proverbial finish line and emerge victorious at

Reasons Why Web Design Is Essential For Business In Singapore

It may be not easy to really know the essence why businesses need to bank on web design service. For some, so long as they have a serviceable website, the appearance doesn’t have a bearing. Sad to say that this is just a plain & simple instance, however, web design in Singapore should be one

SEO: How a Properly Layout Web Design Affects Your Ranking Online

Website development is one important milestone for a company. It’s the initial point of interaction for prospective clients online, which can bring the right leads and good sales figure. Other than the benefits of its aesthetic aspects, there are several factors you need to think about while designing a new website such as the page

The 2 Common Misconceptions Regarding IT Operations Management

In this highly charged fast paced world that we have now, technology is evolving like we’ve never experienced before. We are living in an era where computers, laptops and tablets are changing the world and businesses that are providing IT operations management is an in-demand and booming industry. However, when non-IT individuals are concerned, they

Where to Have Your iPhone Repair in Singapore?

Looking for a customer friendly map for iPhone repair in Singapore? Check this out! 1.       ATOMWARE – IPHONE REPAIR SINGAPORE “At ATOMWARE, we simple do it better!”   Repairing handheld devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod since 2007, Atomware has expanded its services to fix Samsung Mobile Phones such as the Galaxy family (S3 ,

PVMA: Benefits and Membership

Industries always have an association that unites all of their differences together. There are also the institutions that make sure that the standards set by a higher authority are followed. In addition, it is the organization that acts as a voice of its members. Pressure tank manufacturers are not left out with regards to this

Calibration Services in Singapore

Are you an owner of precision measurement tools? Do you use them every day in some way? If so, when was the last time you had these precision tools calibrated? Dimensional instruments require ongoing calibration to insure accuracy, even on tools like a tape measure that seem like they should never really go out of

How Marine generators are Used

A significant percentage of work craft boats (of varying sizes) and recreational vessels more than 8.53 meters (28 feet) in length have marine generators that supply electric power to numerous boat systems and equipment. While marine generators aren’t a definite necessity, anyone that finds themselves with a boat that is experiencing problems like a lack