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Where Do “Spaholics” Go

If at the end of the day you would like to be relaxed by a spa or a simple massage, or you always look forward to it within a week or even make sure to have a relaxing massage and worth it spa every month, you might be a “spaholic”!   You know when you

House Hunting in Singapore

Hunting for a place in Singapore may appear daunting especially if you are clueless of what to expect and are still undecided with a lot of things.  Singapore, after all, is considered to be one of the most expensive cities to live in for expatriates. But there is always a way to find an affordable

Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe in a Storage Space

Storage space in Singapore does not only help homeowners or businesses to have a space for their stuff but also to ensure safety for it. Having your own rented space will give you a peace of mind that everything is secured and nothing will be lost or damaged. However, the safety of your belongings still

Where to Find Properties in Singapore

Ready to start the new phase of your life? Want to start living independently and you have the means to buy, not rent. You’re so excited and happy about reaching this milestone that you’re sure everything will work out. However, hoping for the best and doing something to make it happen are two very different

Crossfit Training and Workout

Need a new workout regimen? Are you bored of simply going to the gym and making rounds on the elliptical or treadmill? Perhaps it’s time to find something a bit more challenging and fun so that working out gives you more motivation. There are so many options available to health seekers now–yoga, pilates, strength training

How Inner Peace and Physical Space are Connected?

Peace and happiness is the supreme target of the people of this generation. Given the fast-paced lifestyle of the people, many fail to appreciate the small things in life. The same event is observed in Singapore. By having a first-world status, the economy of Singapore is at its peak as well as the medical and

What to Consider when Buying or Renting a Terraced House in Singapore

Owning or renting property is not a decision one makes overnight. There are several factors one must consider first before looking into different kinds of property. You can either opt for a landed house or a condominium. Some would prefer looking into apartment buildings. And others would prefer the not-so-typical terraced house. People who choose

Wedding Traditions in Singapore

For Singaporeans, weddings are still a great way to reflect familial traditions. It is no surprise that bride and grooms practice these certain rules to make sure that their entire marriage will last a lifetime in happiness. Other than flowers for the wedding, there are certain musts you shouldn’t forget before you tie the knot.

Trends in Interior Design This 2014

Black is Back Gray can always stay fashionable, however black is that the new color darling for 2014. In a very Houzz poll, seventy four percent of house owners admitted to being a lover of black rooms, from bogs and kitchens (with crisp white fixtures) to interior doors and exterior siding. We’re even seeing individuals paint the skin of their house black as the way to modernize an older home. Going Metal Tile remains the foremost standard material for interior

Top 7 Malaysian Beauty Secrets

No matter where they come from, everyone has their own beauty secrets. With so many natural and synthetic options to keep one looking youthful and glowing, sometimes the best advice is the most well-kept advice that may be quite obvious but definitely shows results. Malaysian woman, in particular, hail from a part of the world