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Items that You Must Have At Home

What makes a home comfortable, warm, and safe? Often, it is the elements and items inside it that makes it distinct from any other homes. We listed some of the item must-haves for your humble abode: Solar films: Installing a window solar film is very energy efficient and protects you from the harsh rays of

Must Have Items For A Much More Comfortable Home

Many people can not find comfort in other places aside from their home. That is why Jestac, one of the leading architectural and interior solutions company here in Singapore provide good quality products such as the best water filters, solar films and even carpeting and matting services for your home or even your work environment.

A Taste of Paradise in Your Own Home

Dealing with all the tremendous and overwhelming pressure at the workplace or in school on a daily basis can be too much for people to handle and that is why they find themselves overworked, stressed out and exhausted not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Aside from the heavy workload that they carry

What to Look For in a Renovation Contractor?

Having your house or HDB unit undergo renovation can be very stressful. There are a lot of things you need to do and decide on. The financial aspect is also an important thing to ponder on. It is the reason why choosing a great renovation contractor is very important to consider especially because you wanted

Helpful Tips For First Timers Looking For A Cleaning Services Provider

In these modern times, it is quite evident how busy people can be. From having to attend to their personal affairs to accomplishing work related tasks, their day to day activities become so hectic to the point that they don’t have much time left to do anything else, like cleaning. Cleaning, for example, is one

Your 101 Guide on How to Properly Maintain a Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass does not require the care and maintenance homeowners give to their natural turf lawn, its most appealing feature. It doesn’t need water and fertiliser to grow. But this doesn’t mean that its maintenance is completely free. To keep the synthetic grass in its best condition, a regular cleaning and maintenance must be performed.

Why Good Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas are Crucial

The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas around the house. You can expect this  place to attract foot traffic anytime of the day. More than being a place where you whip up a feast for your loved ones, the kitchen is also where you accommodate guests.  This is the first place to get

The Benefits and Different Types of Awnings

If staying out of the sun’s harmful rays is your everyday concern, then having durable awnings at home is a good way to begin with, a very good option for you. This frame of shade offers a comfortable escape from summer day’s heat. The installation of the awning Singapore at your doorway, window, or deck

House Hunting in Singapore

Hunting for a place in Singapore may appear daunting especially if you are clueless of what to expect and are still undecided with a lot of things.  Singapore, after all, is considered to be one of the most expensive cities to live in for expatriates. But there is always a way to find an affordable

Metal Works Reminders

Building a house, an establishment or any structure for that matter is exhausting and at the same time a meticulous work to do. It needs a lot of factors, considerations and important features to discuss in order for you to make a good architectural plan. Aside from this, the kind of materials to be used