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The Perfect Time to Consult a Podiatrist

Sports enthusiasts, athletes, women, and elderly people have one thing in common, and that is their constant need to watch out for their feet’s health. Vigorous training and continuous workout by sports enthusiasts and athletes give their feet so much stress. Without proper preventive maintenance and regular check-ups, built up stress accumulated in your feet

How to Choose Good Running Shoes for Women

The choice to run to maintain a good body and to watch one’s health is never a bad idea. The many benefits of running to women’s overall health have been backed by numerous researches. From fighting stress to being less prone to dangerous modern day illness like cancer, running is truly beyond fun and enjoyment.

Visiting the Best Spa in Singapore and Other Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation

To prove themselves worthy of living the good life and enjoying the rest of their days in relative bliss and happiness with their friends and family, people from all walks of life need to pull their own weight, earn their sand and show everyone what they are made of because nothing will be handed to

Keeping a First Aid Kit

Just like how we save in the bank, stock our fridges with food, or fill our planner with our yearly goals, having a first aid kit is something we should always be mindful of. And though no one wants to be suddenly ill or be involved in an accident, being always prepared has its benefits.

Relaxing Massage in the Comfort of Home

What better way to completely enjoy the soothing effects of massage than to have it in the very comfort of one’s home. It takes the meaning of ‘comfort’ to a whole new other level. Yes, nowadays, massage parlor services have evolved into more legitimate and extensive health and wellness provisions which is a significant accomplishment

First Aid Kits Must Come in Handy

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It may be prevented but sometimes inevitable. There may be times when you think everything is just doing fine and safe, but it turns out no one’s ready for an accident. Of course accidents happen differently and we never know up to what extent it can be dangerous. That

Cure Your Flat Feet With These Simple Exercises

Do you know anyone who has flat feet? Its cause can either be a result of foot mistreatment or its hereditary. It is caused by wearing footwear with no arch support; by wearing high-heeled shoes; or by weakened leg muscles due to injury. But fallen arches can be cured with simple foot exercises and stretching.

Singaporean Physiotherapists’ List of Strength Exercises for Our Body

We seek professional and scientific help through physiotherapy treatments in order for us to regain the physical strength that was temporarily lost when we experienced injuries due to several reasons such as sports collisions or vehicle accidents. A physiotherapist is a trained expert that can guide you on the road to recovery from these painful

Crossfit Training and Workout

Need a new workout regimen? Are you bored of simply going to the gym and making rounds on the elliptical or treadmill? Perhaps it’s time to find something a bit more challenging and fun so that working out gives you more motivation. There are so many options available to health seekers now–yoga, pilates, strength training

How Inner Peace and Physical Space are Connected?

Peace and happiness is the supreme target of the people of this generation. Given the fast-paced lifestyle of the people, many fail to appreciate the small things in life. The same event is observed in Singapore. By having a first-world status, the economy of Singapore is at its peak as well as the medical and