Advantages of Job Recruitment Agencies

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Modern day job hunting can be an enigma. Job seekers cannot get hired because they lack experience but then they can’t experience because employers won’t hire people without work experience. Others want to migrate or move to a different area to find better jobs but they can’t move because they do not have jobs and employers won’t hire them because they can’t move. Even with new communication technology, the problem persists.

The irony is not lost to many job hunting and recruitment agencies. Nowadays referred to as “headhunters,” “search consultants” or “sourcers” depending on how they work and are paid, these firms work with companies and offices and help employ the best people for a job vacancy. For the job seekers, they help match candidates to the job vacancies.

As the global population increases so too does the number of job seekers and correspondingly, the number of recruitment agencies. There are today various types of recruitment agencies that offer basic employment services like recruitment and selection, project sourcing and interim recruitment while others provide more extensive assistance including professional growth advice. There are also external recruiters that specialize in a location, a profession, an industry, a job level, a search technology/method, temporary assignments, or a combination of these.

Regardless of type however, headhunters help both employer and potential employee. Companies and offices contract the services of recruitment firms and inform them of their manpower needs. The recruitment agency will then search their files and database and find matching candidates. If there is no one available, they can post the vacancy and requirements on-line and seek applicants with the right qualifications. Once they find suitable candidates, the headhunters refer them to the seeking company or office for approval and arrangements for examinations and interviews.

For companies, recruitment agencies help reduces operational cost by out-sourcing basic functions like recruitment to external entities. It also expedites filling up of manpower needs.

For job seekers, recruitment agencies offer a lot of advantages. First, since they are often contracted by companies due to their track record, they likewise help job seekers establish good relationships. Second, they also have an enormous network of employers and have access to exclusive access jobs, some of which are not publicly announced, and therefore provide job seekers extensive options and increase their chances for employment.

Many recruitment agencies, especially those in Singapore and other Asian countries, also provide special assistance in resume and cover letter advice and expert interview coaching. If a job seeker is hired, most recruitment agencies in Singapore handle paperworks and other formalities, and correspond with the applicant’s employer to make sure everything is in order. Some headhunters even help negotiate a candidate or employees salary.

Since recruitment agencies are not in control of the hiring process and in the event that a potential candidate is not hired, many Singapore-based headhunters provide constructive feedback mechanism which allows job seekers to improve their interview answering skills based on feedback from previous interviewer and employers. Other recruitment agencies even provide specialist advice on respective fields which allows job seekers not just find employment but to track possible career and life decision.