Growing Businesses Need More Than Pen and Paper For Payroll

There is truth in the adage “change is constant.” Throughout the course of mankind’s existence, change has been the most consistent truth we have. Every aspect of the world is continuously growing and expanding. All is left for us to do is to accept and adapt to these changes.


Take for example in our working environment. Most processes concerning our work processes have developed throughout the years to adapt to the changing landscape. Most innovations have been provided to aid us in our work, to maximize our potential and to revolutionize manual labor.

The payroll system is one example of work process that needs to be updated. Although it is a basic work process, envisioning an efficient payroll system utilizing a great payroll software is integral and critical to a company.

A payroll system, in its simplest sense, is a technology that aims to streamline and automate the process of paying a company’s employees. The most common functions of payroll software entail automatically calculating withholdings or deductions, processing direct deposits, voiding payments and generating tax forms and other reports. Some payroll systems also feature check printing capabilities.

But why use a digital and automated payroll system?

1. Error reduction
The primary reason why companies should use an automated payroll system is to reduce errors most likely to occur in manual labor. Reducing these kinds of errors is vital to the efficiency of the process. Furthermore, work processes like payroll is delicate and crucial. It is afterall, money and time clocked in by the employees.
2. Streamline Processes
Efficient payroll software is utilized to standardize the way a company handles the calculation and processing of its payroll. This is done to avoid confusion and inconsistent records. Because of its digital nature, record keeping is also easy not only for the human resource personnel but also to the employees. Simply put, these payroll programs can help streamline the entire payroll process from record keeping to disbursement, making the task of processing payroll less time-consuming and cumbersome for employees.
3. Reduce labor cost
Some companies also believe that using an efficient payroll system is more cost effective than hiring numerous personnel. This is not to say that machines can outdo human work. This is just being logical. You can save a lot of money if you choose to use these programs. Time should be invested in this software to have employees learn the twists and turns. In fact, some companies even choose to outsource the payroll process to a third-party provider that runs payroll software on its own systems.
4. Tax Management
Manual computation of taxes will take a lot of time and effort, especially if the number of employees in a business is growing. Payroll software will cut down the time in calculating taxes with automation. Historical payroll and tax data can be stored in the system that can be used to easily collect and double check for any missed payments.

When choosing a payroll software, let your vendor know the specific needs of your growing company. Not all software have the solution that a certain business needs. Elaborating these with your vendors will help give you a reliable system to invest time and money in.