7 Trusted Pest Control Companies in Singapore

Singapore may be considered as one of the cleanest countries in Asia, but it doesn’t mean that there is no use for pest control companies. Thanks to these brave men and women, they are quite pleased in dedicating their time and effort for the purpose of making our lives free from bugs and other flying and crawling insects. If you still don’t have an idea of where to find these pest control companies, here are some suggestions that we have in mind:

1 – Rentokil Singapore
Rentokil is one of the leading pest control management companies in Singapore. They offer commercial and residential services which may include fumigation, pest control, vector control, and protection from flying and crawling insects, as well as rodents and other kinds of wildlife.

2 – Alliance Pest Management Pte Ltd
With some clients like the British Council, Honolulu Tower and Sentosa in Singapore, the Alliance Pest Management is a one-stop shop for your pest control needs. It’s located at the Toh Guan Road so if ever you are living near their area, this company is the best option to call for a quick appointment.

3 – AardwolfPestkare
Aardwolf has an impressive number of clients amounting to 3,000 in Singapore alone. The difference between this company and the others is that Aardwolf dies pest elimination safely without hurting the environment.

4 – Origin Exterminators
This pest control company specializes in tropical pest control, which is another option of pest management that is effective and efficient, and at the same time, safe for the environment. It’s the first pest controller to also attain a ISO14001 certification and the one to achieve the CaseTrust Gold.

5 – 1-800-NoPests
In the meantime, 1-800-NoPests is licensed by the National Environment Agency. This pest control company is very accessible and also accept credit card payments.

6 – Sita Pest Control
Sita Pest Control is actually not far from Alliance Pest Management, as it is also located at Toh Guan Road East. Also one of the most recognized poest control companies in Singapore, most of their staff are approved by the National Environment Agency.

7 – Kilem Pest Pte Ltd
Kilem Pest is ‘simply the best’, based on their company tagline. This company is a registered contractor with the Building and Construction Authority and a member of the SPMA, or the Singapore Pest Management Association.

Getting pest control for your home, office or establishment is the best solution to controlling poests in your home, with less effort than buying your own materials or chemicals. What you pay for is worth it considering that the job of getting rid of insects at your area is done by professionals. So don’t worry and try to check out these companies in your area and have a pest-free life starting today.