6 Ways to Prepare for the Golden National Day in Singapore

On the 9th day of August every year, the citizens of Singapore commemorate and celebrate their independence from Malaysia on the same day in 1965. This year will be the 49th celebration of this occasion. A number of events are already lined up to make this day, and whole month itself, to be as memorable as possible. However, it can’t be denied that Singaporeans are more greatly excited about the upcoming golden anniversary of their independence that will be celebrated next year, 2015. To prepare for this once in a lifetime affair, below are six recommended ways by which national leaders, private sectors, voters and even students can start doing now in preparation for the golden national day.

Infrastructure planning. The celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s National Day will surely be attended by many locals and tourists. In line with this, the existing facilities of the nation may not be able to accommodate all of these spectators. Consequently, it is suggested that additional infrastructures be built with emphasis on roadways widening to have room for the impending traffic volume. This work can be done by individuals with degrees in engineering project management course singapore because these people are equipped with the knowledge on how to plan, design and execute massive structural endeavours.

Prepare software networks. Aside from the tangible structures, the electronic networks of the nation must be ready for the online searches and inquiries about the golden National Day. To address this, the government and private business institutions can create and improve websites to provide information about the yearlong festivities of the 50th anniversary. Graduates with mechatronics engineering degrees can be tapped for these tasks for they are provided with adequate training with respect to Singaporean software.

Assemble artifacts. Collation of artifacts is important in commemorating the golden anniversary. This is because a nation can’t go forward without remembering the specific events in the past that have brought them to where they are now. More specially, the children of today’s generation must be aware of the hardships that their forefathers have done in order for them to enjoy sovereignty. This can particular be done through improved museum galleries.

Host international games. Singapore will host the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games on June 5 to 16, 2015 and the 8th ASEAN Para Games also on 2015. Both of these games will be participated by 11 nations comprising the South East Asian region. The difference between the two is that the SEA games are for able-bodied athletes while the latter is for players with physical disabilities. Both sports events will be executed in line with the golden anniversary of the National Day Singapore. Consequently, citizens can inquire from their local offices on how they can help in these international activities.

Promote tourism. Various commercial establishments can promote the golden anniversary by offering tour packages throughout the year of 2015. This will permit added influx of tourists who will witness the glamour of the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

Educate the students. Lastly, schools and teachers can prepare the students by providing additional lessons for history appreciation. Teachers can also emphasize the undeniable importance of August 9 to their students through interactive materials and by encouraging their students to participate in the upcoming events.

The 50th anniversary of the sovereignty of Singapore will surely be a spectacular event. As early now, both the private and public sector can work hand in hand in preparing the success of this event.