6 Stages of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is obtaining increased popularity in Singapore nowadays. This is due to the fact that a number of Singaporean couples are heeding the government call to increase the Singaporean population. Couples believe that by availing the pregnancy massage, they can increase fertility and lessen the likelihood in incurring miscarriages. Fertility issues and miscarriages are some of the recently identified causes of the dwindling population rates in Singapore. Pregnancy massage or pre natal massage singapore can be divided into six stages. A discussion of each is provided below.

Fertility. Scientific studies that will support this claim are insufficient but many couples claim that certain massage types have helped them increased the fertility of both partners. With emphasis on women, fertility massage has stimulated better zygote attachment to the endometrial wall of the woman.

First trimester. Compared to the activities implemented during postnatal massage singapore that address post-birth stress, massage given during the first trimester intend to address signs and symptoms of morning sickness. This includes nausea, vomiting, headache, neck pain and muscle pain. Massage techniques also help the mother strengthen her pelvic floor to better accommodate the growing foetus.

Second trimester. From the fourth to the sixth month of pregnancy, pregnancy massages are implemented to address the pain of belly expansion, rib pains, shortness of breath and muscle cramps. These events are all attributed to the fast development of the baby inside the mother’s tummy. Another important feature of second trimester pregnancy massage is the targeting of the woman’s emotional turmoil.

Third trimester. On the seventh to ninth month of pregnancy, massages are directed on the improvement of hip and back pain, pelvic pains and leg cramps. Therapists also help the women to be conditioned for birth. They prepare her for the life that she and her husband will experience once the baby arrives. Mental preparation is as important as physical preparation since a number of women experience post-partum depression.

Post natal massage. Massages implemented at this stage address initial trauma associated with birth, sleep deprivation and sometimes, post partum depression. At this point, support and encouragement by the woman’s partner and family is important to help her recuperate faster from the delivery. Post natal relaxation exercises are also taught by therapists.

Massage for mothers. Lastly, massage activities for new mothers intend to stimulate hormonal activity with respect to milk production. Doctors highly recommend breastfeeding among mothers. Unfortunately, the busy lifestyle of Singaporean women hampers the natural lactation ability of their bodies. Massages therefore address this by soothing the mother’s body and stimulating the necessary body points.

Pregnancy massage covers pre-pregnancy, pre-natal, post-natal stage and the actual period of motherhood. A wide range of benefits can be achieved from each stage of massage. Accordingly, Singaporean couples support pregnancy massage because they believe that such activity will help them give birth to healthy babies.