4 Tips Before Traveling To Singapore

Singapore, an island country in Southeast Asia, boasts quite a number of tourist spots and commercial hubs for travel wanderers. The Lion City has also provided many opportunities for employment with the growing number of businesses sprouting around main areas. What better way to prepare your travel to Singapore by considering this list of tips:

1) ACCOMMODATION – How’s Your Budget?

Reserving for a place in Singapore may not come cheap. There are some hotels that can go from 19 – 23 US dollars per night. You may be lucky to get some of those cheaper hotels that range from 40 – 50 US dollars. But if you’ll be staying for a longer time, or actually even not, it is advisable to just go for cheaper or budget hotels or serviced apartments. Anyway what a traveler wants is to explore the outside and not sleep all day right?


You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a car when in Singapore. They have an efficient and cost friendly public transportation. You can choose from bus, cab or the Mass Rapid Transit or MRT. You can have the unlimited rides with the SIA Hop-On AC Bus Services which will cost you five dollars a day. You should although familiarize your bus stops as their quite strict with the time. The MRT on the other hand usually cost three dollars. You can also use the EZ-Link, a smart card used to pay public transportations conveniently.

3) FOOD –List Where To Eat and Know What To Eat

One of the things one should not miss when traveling is to try their cuisine and Singapore has plenty of great finds! Before flying you may browse through different food blog Singapore to familiarize yourself with the best go-to restaurants that would fit your budget. There are meals you may enjoy for less than five dollars but you may go to a much costly meal depending on your satisfaction cravings.

4) REGULATIONS – Be Aware of The Rules

Singapore holds a strict list of rules and regulations. Some may even be considered weird but that is just how they maintain discipline. It is against their law if you don’t flush the toilet after using it. Yes it should really be the practice, but Singapore demands a fine for not doing so. One should also be careful when littering, once you are caught, you are of to pay up to $1,000. What else you should avoid? Chewing gum. The selling of chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore so if you just had a good bite of some kebab, you are in no way to cover up that bad breathe through gum